Shared Hosting 30 Day Free Trial

In order to keep our platform abuse-free, all Shared Hosting 30 day free trials have the following restrictions:

* Limit set at 100 outgoing emails per day

* PHP’s mail () function disabled so as to prevent spam

* File upload limit in order to avert storage abuse

* CPU usage limit of 5% in order to prevent server resource abuse

* Access to our global VPN server locations is disabled

* All hosting service upgrades are disabled

Here is what’s included in the free trial:

* Full access to the Control Panel for 30 days

* The ability to send and receive emails

* FTP access to the server

* Full domain and database management control

* Browsable daily backups of your data

* 24/7/365 technical support


Domain Names: Upon signing up for the 30 day free trial, new users will be required to provide a registered domain name, or request a new one. Clients with registered domains can have them transferred at no charge for or and most others. .Com and .net domain names will need to be renewed for 1 year @ $15.95 which will be charged on sign-up. Doing so increases the domain expiry date another year from its current expiry date. Clients requiring a new domain name will be required to purchase one at our everyday low prices. If by some small chance you're not happy with your free trial and wish to discontinue the service, your domain name is still yours and can request to have it transferred to another registrar if required, or keep it managed through us at only the best prices! You can still have your domain managed through us and continue with another hosting provider.

Free Trial Expiry: Users will be sent a reminder email of the trial period 7 days before expiry. Signup can be requested at any time during the free trial period to enable all server options and features.

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